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RE-Write Your Life Story

I help individuals with ADHD, Leadership Coaching with Conscious Leadership and No More Mr. Nice Guy Certified Coaching

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From the time we are born our brains are being shaped and in that process, we develop certain ideas and beliefs about ourselves, the world we live in (is it a threatening or a safe place?) and our role in that world.

This life story is the thing that underpins all our thoughts, actions and emotions. It is the “operating system” for our consciousness and in that system we set out to make our life.

What happens when we realize that things are not as we thought?

My name is Chris Aguilar and I am a certified life coach and in addition have studied and trained with Conscious Leadership and am a Certified No More Mr. Nice Guy Coach. I am currently obtaining a new certification in ADHD coaching. I have been a business person, film maker, photographer and by far by favorite job is Coach.

So what does this all mean

Since 2017 I have been helping clients achieve a greater understanding of themselves and the story that they tell themselves. I know this, because I had to undo and redefine my own story. I underwent years of coaching and therapy to uncover my own value and it’s uniqueness in this world. Since then, I have helped many clients find and discover the unique, profound gifts that they offer to this world. From there, all good things can take shape – whether its a job, relationship or other “thing” that you desire. Knowing your value, is the first step in stepping into your greatest self.

I will listen to you, create a through plan with you and we will commence a journey of self discovery and goal achievement. This is not an over night process, but I often ask clients to give me 90 days for the journey.

We will work from several models including depth phycology, CBT and of course mindfulness and physicality.

The goal is to rewrite your story- and once that is done, how will the story look? what is it that you could change now if you could? Drop me a note and let me know, I always answer emails for free. My goal is to be helpful to anyone needing / seeking help