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The Story

At some point in each of our lives, we created a story.

The Story is a collection of thoughts, ideas and perceptions about the world we live in.


The Result of Your Own Story Brought You Right Here to This Website... why? 

Your Thoughts + Feelings = Reactions

Most people live in this unaware state. Asleep to the things that they think and feel and how that drives their reaction to life and everything around them. It dictates

  • The misery you feel in your job. Trapped doing something you just tolerate for a paycheck.
  • Your inability to find and maintain a relationship with a quality partner. A soulmate.
  • Your anger at everyday circumstances, and feeling of chaos that sits under the surface of everything you do
  • Your lack of boundaries with people and especially with partners
  • A sinking feeling that this is "it". When you consider your life, you feel resigned. Not inspired
  • The idea that you are the victim, life is unfair and others have all the advantages
  • Your anxiety in social situations and feeling that you are not good enough.
  • Lack of ambition to change or do something different.
  • Plus many other things in your life that are evidenced by your inner story.. from the jobs you choose, to the partners that come into your life. It's all part of the same thing

Maybe You Are Just a Nice Guy??? 

Being a "Nice Guy" is usually a wonderful compliment. But I have come to know it as a term that describes a very specific kind of guy. Someone I once was until I found the book by Dr. Robert Glover called "No More Mr. Nice Guy"

Nice guys typically:

  • Have bad boundaries
  • Have relationship issues
  • Over work
  • Seek approval from others, actually base their life on it
  • Are socially awkward
  • Are only moderately successful with most things in their life
  • Feel that they are victims
  • Puts the needs of others ahead of their own
  • Suffer from depression and anxiety issues

Plus a dozen other traits.

Nice Guys are a special breed who think themselves unusually chivalrous, kind and gentle. But their greatest fear is being exposed, having the world know they are flawed and are actually inwardly ashamed of who they are. I know these guys well. I am one of you. 


Curious on how to stop your own suffering? You can schedule a FREE coaching session with me by going to this link to learn more about me and my unique style of men's coaching



Who Are You Anyways? 

My name is Chris Aguilar and I am a men's coach. I help guys re-write their story, find things that keep them from success in what they want to achieve. I am a Certified Professional Life Coach (Orange County Life Coach Institute, 2015) and a Certified No More Mr Nice Guy Coach (Dr. Robert Glover, Seattle Jan 2017). I have done countless hours of actual coaching and worked with men from all walks of life. These have included C Level Executives at major internet firms, business owners, other coaches and entrepreneurs and those seeking to further their career and balance their personal life.

I have personally been an executive (COO and VP) in a corporate environment, a film maker, professional photographer, published writer, business coach and personal development coach. I bring to each client a wealth of experience as well as a keen ear to hear your struggles and work with you to offer solutions.

I am genuinely curious about people. At heart, I am obsessed with stories. And I want to hear yours. Let's connect

You Are Not Defined by Your Perception of Your Defects

I used to make the terrible mistake of believing what I thought of myself. That I was somehow defined by the things I thought of myself. What a shocker to realize that none of what I thought was actually true or based on facts.

Changing this required some work on my part, and hiring a good, solid coach who knew my problems and how to solve them was the first step on the road to success.

Are you ready to..

Are you ready to raise your expectations for yourself?

Be really vulnerable with yourself and this world?

Develop REAL self esteem (by doing esteemable things)

Keep and maintain healthy boundaries with your partners?

Walk through the fear of someone knowing your story and accepting you?

Realize that you are not different?

Admit that you may not have the ability to change your own life?

If you answered "yes" to a couple of these, then you MIGHT be ready for this experience.


And what is the experience exactly?

  • Learning to trust your own intuition
  • Seeing and experiencing the integration of the things you fear with your courage
  • Learning to love your inner most flaws
  • An end to the persistent loneliness and shame
  • Answers to the question of "what am I doing wrong?"
  • Develop and cultivate bold passion and creativity in your life
  • Learn self reflection and self honesty
  • Achieve your goals
  • Ease into challenges
  • Heal old wounds
  • Learn how to have true intimacy with others rooted in self belief

For some it may vary, but for most, this is what comes out of this style of coaching. I know because I experienced it all myself and it's my life's work to share it with those ready to experience it.

Want in? Go to this link and fill out this application to join my coaching circle. I only work with a few people. It's an investment of time and money.  My time is super valuable these days as I can only take on a couple clients per month. Not for any other reason but I want to be 100% available to my clients.


Next Steps...

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