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My first coach changed my life. What started as a career coaching engagement ended up turning into finding out that I carried a unique set of values that I bring to every relationship in my life. I have since learned to call these things “personal strengths”. The discovery of these strengths has become the center piece of my coaching methodology.

This spring board opened my eyes not only into the power of coaching, but the strength of my own voice. I became fixated on the idea of becoming a coach myself to help others discover their inner value. Taking this new found idea of myself, I went on to get certified as a No More Mr. Nice Guy coach. The work of Dr. Glover had transformed my life in respect to relationships – so being certified by Dr. Glover was a big dream come true. In addition, I got certified as a life coach by the Life Coach Institute of Orange County (ICF Accredited training) just to bolster my skill set.

When I got diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, my life – in some ways made complete sense. The multiple careers, the missed opportunities, the constant feeling of something being “wrong”, the anxiety, the depression, the shame. It all made total sense. After several years of trail and error, I have learned how to navigate my ADHD. Mainly by understanding how my brain works, what is thrives on and how to work with the beast known as inattention.

Moved so much by my own experience, I developed a passion for ADHD clients which drove me to pursue a coaching certification from an accredited program specific to ADHD. For an entire year, I have been in training to learn not only how to better coach ADHD clients – but elements of the neuroscience related to ADHD.

It is my hope to work with you to create a bigger, better picture of yourself. You deserve it. Mine is a strengths based approach. In my eyes – you are not broken. And our process, based on you uncovering your personal strengths will hopefully help to uncover the “hidden you” – the part of yourself that has always been there for you to walk through life with.