My Approach

I work with the individual. Certainly I offer programs to meet specific needs, but I truly believe that each individual is a unique being whose pathways in life are varied and different. Most of my work with clients is to hike courageously into the past to find and unlearn the roots of self limiting and defeating thoughts. It is my theory that most of us react to life from a place of past wounding. The boss that makes us unhappy is not really the root of our unhappiness, but a trauma that happened (often) decades ago.

Same with the busy executive who for some reason, has found that he is truly unhappy despite his amazing volume of success. Why was work so important? What lesson was taught to them so long ago that created such an amazing life, that in the end yielded unhappiness.

My approach is based on the individual and borrows from many different influences such as spiritual domains like Eastern thought, Science of the Mind and great coaches and thinkers of the past and present.

We work together to co-create the life and goals you want to accomplish such that you can live a more fulfilling life.

Meet Your Coach

My resume includes time as a corporate executive, a consultant, film maker, marketing consultant, professional photographer and business owner. But my most important position is by far, a personal coach to men all over the world looking to find purpose and meaning to their life. As a coach, I provide you support for the things you want to accomplish in life - from a meaningful relationship to a meaningful career. To creating balance in your life. I have been lucky to help so many and want to be there to help you to.


Chris Aguilar

Certified Professional Life Coach
Certified No More Mr. Nice Guy Coach

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