Conscious Leadership

Through Conscious Leadership coaching, work from a more fulfilled, truthful place. Create and keep agreements with yourself and your employees. Become a present, mindful leader

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IT Business Coaching

Using various coaching methodologies, build an IT consultancy that supports a balance between your personal and professional goals. From financial to personal fulfillment.

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Nice Guy Coaching

Bad boundaries? Feeling like life is unfair? Struggle with relationships and intimacy? You might be a Nice Guy. I hold a certification in Nice Guy coaching from author, Dr. Robert Glover

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“Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it.”
― Ernest Holmes

Hi there and thanks for stopping by. This quote sums up how I work with you as a client. We clear out the cobwebs of your thinking and refocus on what it is you want to create in your life. Because, I believe, you can create anything you truly desire.

Here are the types of coaching that I offer:

No More Mr. Nice Guy -

Based on the work of Dr. Rober Glover , No More Mr Nice Guy work focuses on the developed of inner self esteem (Inner swag) so that you can draw more healthly boundaries in your life and attract the partner of your dreams. We work from the book and from my own experiences. I am a certified Nice Guy Coach who earned this certifcation over a three day intensive workshop with Dr. Glover and other like minded men. I love Nice Guy work, I have my own story about this type of recovery that I am happy to share with those who are interested.

IT Business Owners

Those in the IT industry are usually.. you guessed it.. Nice Guys. Having been an exectutive in this industry for over 20 years and a recognized speaker I bring to you a wealth of business experience to not only help you grow the business. But find more balance in your life so you are not filled with daily anxiety about your business. For any business owner, it is all about mind set and we work to develop the mindset of a champion to keep moving your company forward and regain your life back. Using the 15 Commitments of Concious Leadership as our guide we work through building you as a leader, but also a culture where all your employees are excited to work and are more productive.




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