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In selecting a coach it is really important that you and the coach have a connection. That is why I do one intro session at no cost. Coaching is a two way process so both parties have to be in agreement about the relationship

I have a background in many areas of life:

  • As a creative I have worked in marketing and branding and produced three award winning sports documentaries. I still continue to shoot video to this day for a variety of clients. In coaching creatives, I help with finding your voice, your essence and how to bring that into your work (especially if you are “stuck” creatively”)
  • In business I have had job titles such as COO, VP and consultant. I work with thought leaders on building robust, conscious organizations.
  • As a person with ADHD, I have worked hard to not only educate myself about my condition, but work with ADHD clients to help find their true strengths, navigate their condition and unlock their true potential
  • As a married guy with a kid and having been through many ups and downs in relationships, I work with me along the modality of No More Mr. Nice Guy to take control of their lives and live with healthy boundaries in relationships and in life.

For clients, I would do anything- just ask for what you need and I will be here to support you in a safe , respectful manner. All clients get 24 hr return email support and text support if you are in a crisis.

Working with me starts with the free session to gauge our commonality. I have literally told prospective clients to find other coaches. I am not always a fit for everyone.

My first advice to you is to talk to lots of coaches. Everyone has a different approach, my hope is that after 90 days, you won’t need me! You will have all the tools you need to push ahead with the life of your own choosing.

To book this first session (and view other packages and rates):