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The difference between managing and leading is that managers are great at managing processes and people. Leaders inspire and motivate with vision and passion.

Jim Dethmer and Diana Chapman set out to change the course of leadership by creating the Conscious Leadership Group. The group is dedicated to bringing intention and integrity to leadership that goes beyond how to motivate people, but how to motivate ourselves and those around us with clear, concise agreements, openness of culture and tackling issues head on.

They created the 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership to guide leaders and since developing these, have revolutionized cultures at some major corporations, start ups and small business.

I was lucky to be coaching in their coaching model and apply these ideas to leadership coaching for business people. Interestingly the 15 Agreements have very definite application to every day life.

The coaching model is focused on examining our inner world so we can be clear on our feelings and energy as we manage and work with our staff. We look at our own roles in our dramas in life by role playing and introducing fun and play to the things we are experiencing. This model provides a way to clear out negative energy to allow for openness and creativity.

Contact me for a free session to review the Conscious Leadership model and introduce these ideas to your life.