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As a member of AACAD and undergoing an Associate Coaching training that is ICF Certified I am uniquely positioned to help those with ADHD. Even more so, because I have it and have spend the last several years not only learning about the unique functioning of my brain, but how to manage it.

ADHD is more then forgetting your keys and misplacing your wallet. It creates in the individual a deep world of shame, anxiety and depression. We with ADHD are living under constant vigilance around it , always trying to manage it as best as we can – and worse suffering debilitating depression around the shame affiliated with  our condition.

Sufferers tend to have a negative bias towards themselves , constantly berating themselves and the condition of their lives. The lack of impulse control typically results in a set of other compulsive behaviors such as addiction, over spending and other manifestations.

We tend to be introverts and extrovert. Always wishing to be the opposite. We suffer comparative narratives as we are always wondering why we are not “normal” and lose out emotionally to those around us. We misplace, out of a total lack of organization – ADHD itself is a minimization of executive function that creates constant anxiety and hyper vigilance around completing things. We are struck with constant, racing thoughts, ideas and inspirations.

And although troublesome, ADHD can also be your best friend. In my own life, ADHD has given me a deep well of creativity and adaptability. It has allowed me to follow dreams and passions in a way most would not, and brought me a sense of emotional intelligence that helps me daily in my own journey.

Today, the standard for ADHD treatment is medication, therapy and coaching. In my own experience all of these things helped and using medication allowed me space to get present to develop routines and ways of living that work in concert with my condition. Through coaching I was helped and worked on my own negative bias to find the ways that it “lied” to me and was able to live outside of depression and shame, and inside of security and confidence.

Do you need help managing your ADHD? Are you struggling with constant depression and issues with impulsivity? Lets connect and see if coaching might be of benefit to you