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ADHD presents a particular type of challenge for those with the diagnosis. For those with it, you know – its more then just misplacing your keys. It can be a life shattering and changing diagnosis.

Having struggled with it my whole life and being diagnosed as an adult, I was presented with the opportunity to reflect on its impact on my life, and how to navigate my life with this knowledge at hand.

Already coaching, I felt it was time to really focus (no pun intended) on this area of expertise. After years of research, I found ADDCA. This is the sole accredited body certifying ADHD specialist coaches. They are recognized by ICF (International Coaching Federation) as a certifying body (which in our industry is a major accomplishment).

I am currently engaged in a year long program for certification which requires me to turn in a number of practicum coaching hours. This presents to you an opportunity to get ADHD coaching at a reduced rate while I am under going the certification process. The caveat is that I must record our sessions for mentor review. These will be audio only in nature (off Zoom audio) and you are only identified by first name and last initial. Confidentiality is my overall goal.

I am offering these sessions at a fraction of my regular rate with flexibility to do sliding scale. They are booked one at a time (no packages) – please follow this link for scheduling and lets get to work!

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