Let’s Get to Work!

How Does Coaching Work?

ALL clients start with an initial introduction call that I don’t charge for. I do this to first off, to learn about you. No need for you to invest in working together if we are not a “fit”. After that you can pick from just individual sessions or packages that range from 2 sessions per month or 4 sessions per month. I conduct client sessions over Zoom video conference or the phone. I work with people all over the world, the technology we have available to work together is always improving and being a bit of a geek, I am always looking for new and better ways to connect with clients. Unlike many coaches, my sessions don’t expire. So if you get the 4 pack and save a couple dollars off the regular prices – you don’t have to use them all in a month. Spread it out if you need to. I do this to be flexible to those with financial constraints. I also do some sliding scale for REALLY motivated clients. Email me directly regarding your own, individual circumstance.

What’s In a Session? 

Generally it starts with a general check in and from our intro session, we develop goals that you want to work on. We spend the next hour working on your progress, checking how far you got on the things discussed and what roadblocks arose. This is where the work begins. We explore the things standing in your way, examine these challenges against the lens of your story and craft a way to rewrite that inner story and give you a way through your obstacles. It all sounds so simple writing it out, but it’s a really intense process for most. In addition to sessions, you get free email support to ask questions and check in. And of course, if you are in a crisis, I am here for you as your personal coach to talk to you over a phone call if something comes up.

Are You A Therapist? 

Coaching is a good alternative to therapy, but feel that the two work well hand in hand. Coaches are architects and therapists are archeologists. I am a certified coach which means I have done training to do my job. And like a therapist much of my work comes in the form of reflective listening. And also like a therapist, I hold my client’s identity, past, current issues and information in complete confidentiality.  If you are suicidal or considering self harm, I encourage you to seek help from a mental health professional.

Where Do You Conduct Sessions? 

I am not a fly by night coach. I am a professional and maintain an office in the Los Angeles area. I try to do all my client work there, but sometimes do work from home. Both locations offer total privacy. I offer in person sessions to those in the Los Angeles or Orange County areas. Contact me for special rates for in office session work.

How Do I Schedule? 

I use Acuity Scheduling to manage my calendar. This system also securely handles payments and all other aspects of the business. It makes my and your life easy as all we have to do focus on our work. To set up an appointment (like an initial consult) or your regular package work, use the scheduler. Don’t email me directly to set up or change appointments.

A Word On Cancelations..

Like most professionals, I ask the courtesy of 24 hour notice of a cancelation or change. My client load is pretty intense and there are waiting lists to get in for certain slots. So if you need to cancel, please do so well in advance so I can give someone waiting a chance to get help. Otherwise, I will deduct the session.. you have been warned!

If you have any more questions, you can simply use the CONTACT form to ask what you need and I will get back to you as soon as possible.