Training + Mindset = Desired Results

I participate in this sport called paddling.. we lay or knell on a large board paddling across the ocean or other various bodies of water. Some races are short five milers, others are longer over 30 miles. In this video, get a look into some of my own insights during a training lead up for a 31 mile race in Tennessee. And yes, even the coach uses coaches and I had been under the guidance of Just for this whole year (2018) to train up for this event. The result was pretty awesome. I had one of the best races out there I had had in years. I felt light, efficient and in a flow state. The training was a key part, but even bigger was the the mindset I went into the event with. A thought of letting go of result, being a participant, entering into a state of flow and ease and really embracing the pain I endured with curiosity. In the end, it all worked and I placed third in my board division (14 ft prone). The previous year I bonked for the most part and barely got across the finish line in one piece. The result of this year’s event was a drastic contrast to my previous experience. Mostly because of the physical conditioning resulting in a deep inner confidence. This shows me that once more.. if you do the work, if you commit, if you enter all your endeavours with passion and intention.. you can and will succeed.


Just Paddling.. Part 2.. Chattajack Lead Up from Fin Film Company on Vimeo.

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