The Magic of Motion

In order to get anywhere you want to go. You have to be in motion. It’s just a fact of life. Most times, people get stuck in this idea of “I am gonna” which is quickly supplanted with a resistance based thought of “how is that going to happen” or “what would they think” or “why even bother”

For the Nice Guy, self defeat becomes a way of life. We get trapped in the identification of past traumas and a false idea of who we are and what our lives are all about.

For me, I can really relate this to a number of experience. Most of my athletic achievements started with a “that’s just dumb” thought and thankfully, the ability to move forward despite the things I thought of myself. My first marathon started with a first mile. And I can, very much recall how that first mile went…

It was hot

I was sweating profusely

I was choking and gasping for air

Everything hurt.

I was, at the time, a half a pack a day smoker and thought for some reason I could just get out and run like I used to. It was awkward, it was comfortable. I was over 200lbs and in terrible shape. But I got into motion.

Like physical fitness, our “self-fitness” happens in this same way. It happens incremental, through frustration and through pain. There are good days on the journey, I won’t lie. But in those first few weeks, progress is painful.

I want to tell you that there is magic in motion. Taking steps despite how you feel about those steps is a wonderful thing. It propels you. Everything you do right now will add to results you will gain later. It’s the nature of the universe.

What do you want to do? can you get yourself into motion? Can you take that one first small step (no matter how minor it feels) ?



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