Are you a Nice Guy?

Do you …

  • Blame others for the condition of your life?
  • Have a track record of picking the “wrong” partners?
  • Have bad boundaries at work and in relationships?
  • Suffer bouts of depression and anxiety?
  • Feel unfulfilled?
  • Are usually the “fixer” for others in your life, but never for yourself?
  • Constantly are worried that others might not approve of you or dislike you?
  • External validation makes your day, but you can never take a compliment?
  • Have spent your life achieving to an invisible audience?
  • Feel out of touch with yourself and your purpose in life?
  • Often feel like you are going to die alone?
  • Feel often misunderstood by friends and family?

Nice Guy coaching is based on the model developed by Dr. Robert Glover in his ground breaking book “No More Mr. Nice Guy”. I personally went through this process to uncover who I really am and what I really have to offer this world.

Since undergoing the transformation afforded by Dr. Glover’s work, I was fortunate to attend a workshop with Dr. Glover and a group of other men to obtain my coaching certification in his work.

The result of the transformation I underwent was pretty spectacular. I met and married the woman of my dreams, my career took shape, but more importantly – I have had more feelings of purpose, fulfillment and gratitude then I can remember.

I want you to be empowered to make choices for your life.

I want you to be happy, content and feel that you wake up every day with a reason to be alive

I want you to find that partner that is “the icing on the cake of your life”

And I want you to take all that you have learned and share it with others. Allow the unique gift that is you, express itself in this amazing world of opportunity. That is the other side of being a Nice Guy and I want to help you get there.

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