New Years Intentions, Not Resolutions

Taking time out, that is a good solution!

Every New Year’s gyms fill up, Weight Watchers meetings get busy, in fact – this is the “holiday” season for the personal health and wellness industry. Even us in personal development see an uptick in interest. My own mailing list grew this week with little to no effort on my part!

I know I am guilty of every new year sitting down and “resolving” to change all the things in my life that frustrated me the previous year. And certainly, the New Year is a wonderful time to reflect on what needs/should change for us to be happy. It’s a great game of “if this.. then that”

The problem is that by May, most folks have forgotten about the firm New Years resolve and are back to the same old, same old.

Why? Well, humans are naturally creatures of habit. It takes 30+ days to build a new habit. Most of us get to the gym that first two weeks of the new year (and if you are like me) sleep in one morning and that sneaky brain of ours “remembers” that sleeping in routine and so the cycle begins again. Its like trying to stay dry in a rain storm, water will always find an opening. And as such, your “old way” of being will always find a way to “leak” in.

I take the resolution thing with a grain of salt. You see, just saying “I want to loose 30 pounds” is not enough. There has to be a true reason and purpose behind this goal of yours. Clients are really good about coming to a coach with a check list of goals and outcomes. But not very good at the “why”.

I don’t set goals. I set intentions. The intentions therein drive outcomes. Those outcomes are the things that I desire. In the classic weight loss example (and something I am experiencing personally) – the intention is “I want to live with health and wellness as a priority”… sounds like a good intention …right? If I do this, then the result might be some weight loss, taking better care of myself.. maybe meditating,.. I focus on what my life looks like with this intention. Meditate on it, feel it and experience it.

Now, comes of the best part.. why do you want to live with this intention? The “why” of the equation has to be really compelling bring out the desire change. In my case, well.. I have having a child this year and want to be around as long as possible for his life. Secondly, my doctor said I need to drop some weight to be more healthy. Lastly, I have noticed my own physical fitness has declined a bit in 2019 as I have focused more on work then on self preservation. So the intention of “living with health and wellness” has a strong “why” behind it.

Resolutions are not a bad thing. They do work for some. But again, my process is a little different and focused on building out a life of conscious intention. An agreement with myself that this desire is important, almost vital and worth the effort.

The process broken down:

  1. Find your intention – if you cannot find this easily then find a goal and walk it backwards to “why” the goal is important, craft an intention around this “why”. The intention should be a sentence or two at the most. Make it something you can easily remember.
  2. Once you find this intention, write down the “why”. What is so compelling that this intention is needed in your life right now at this moment
  3. Experience your life living with this intention. In meditation, see, feel and experience what your life looks like with this intention in place. The important part is the feeling of it. Feelings manifest realities.
  4. Each morning, wake up and spend a couple minutes in meditation (or what ever morning activity soothes your racing mind) considering your intention. I personally write mine on the bathroom mirror or put reminders in my phone to remind me through out the day to pause and recall those feelings of living in my intention.

If you want help working on this, schedule a free call with me. I would be happy to help out. Or drop me an email at

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