I spent 10 years in the IT industry as a front line tech and was elevated to become the COO of the firm where I had started. We were selling managed IT services in the early 2000’s long before there was such a thing as an MSP. We just know we needed to bundle our services and make IT a budget able expense to our client base. The result? A boom in sales.

I have been a really lucky guy. I have consistently been able to work with firms on the rise. I worked with a start up group that went from zero to millions in 18 months building a nationwide company along the way. I have had C level and consultant positions across multiple verticals. And have owned my own coaching and consulting business for 10 years.

Most MSP CEO’s and owners are hobbyists who “became” business owners. It just happened out of necessity. Most are figuring it out as they go. I see you are being sold click funnels, sales and marketing tools to grow your business.. but these are useless if the leadership is not there to support the growth. It is much wiser to buy a marketing plan when you have an actual business plan.

Most owners in this industry feel that if they get get more sales, then they will magically solve all the internal problems they are facing… all those things (besides more sales) that keep you up at night.

Using Conscious Leadership models as well as No More Mr. Nice Guy coaching, I work with owners on a gut level, going deep instead of just playing out more of the same story.

I believe in you growing your business from the inside out.

As a VP and COO of MSP firms, I have been able to help them expand sales, operations and more so – see the CEO’s expand into their roles. Ask yourself..

Do you want more balance?

Are you suffering from anxiety and depression?

Do you often wonder “why” you got into this in the first place?

Do you blame others, the staff, your accountants, your clients for your feelings?

Are you living at the mercy of your business ..is your business running you?

Do you have systems in place to accomplish your goals and defined plan to get there?

Do you believe that if you just got more clients, the business would be “better” and your life would somehow be easier?

Do you live in reaction to your life? (your business, your employees, your clients, friends and family?)

These are deep for some people to consider, and surface for others. But if more then one rings true, we should talk. I want you to have a rich, fulfilled life that focuses on the context of your life, not the content.

Employing Conscious Leadership models and some other coaching tools, I work with MSP business owners to create the opposite of the above:

  • Fulfillment
  • Purpose
  • Balance
  • Space for vacations and free time
  • Management skills for their teams
  • True leadership for your employees to follow
  • Conflict resolution (with self and others)
  • Expansion of business on more solid footing

Contact me today to get started. I would be happy to talk to you about your unique situation and how we can work together.