Conscious Leadership is a model for business owners and managers to develop a more harmonious , playful work space that encourages appreciation, creativity, presence and most of all – fulfilled leaders.

Many organizations suffer from a combination of gossip, internal dramas, absent leadership (mindfully absent and physically) and fear based motivation.

Conscious Leadership is the exact opposite of this. This coaching model is used by firms all over the country and has allowed teams to express themselves creatively, work in their zones of genius and create work places that support the employees and their desire for inner fulfillment.

It is based on the 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, a set of ground breaking principles aimed at creating a more present work space and fulfilled staff.

This video from Jim Dethmer (founder of the Conscious Leadership Group) lays out the foundation of the 15 Commitments

This is not your typical coaching model. Employing a specific set of tools developed by the Conscious Leadership Group, we delve into root causes and conditions of issues within the leader themselves.

See this video below, it reviews a basic concept of this coaching model. Context vs Content. From here, all things can change.

I was lucky to be trained by Diana Chapman and a master Conscious Leadership coach in this model over an intensive multi day workshop. We use tools such as the clearing model, drama triangle and other methods to resolve issues, find compromises and create empowered leaders.

If you are interested in this type of coaching reach out to me and let’s get started.