While many coaches attempt to be a one size fits all type of coach, that’s not my style. I have found over the years I am most successful with clients needing help in specific areas of their life. If you are looking for a personal coach with a compassionate approach to their work – I maybe a good fit. I believe in the Tony Robbin’s philosophy of speaking with you, hearing the story underneath and finding powerful questions to ask back at you to help us both reveal the true meaning of your statements.

So instead of listing off a stack of issues here are questions that have come into my inbox and how I answer them. If they fit you, let’s connect and get to work

Do You Work With Women?

Yes, I have had women clients in the past and those have been successful engagements in that those clients went on to achieve their goals. Most came to me looking for help with fitness (I have a certification as a personal trainer and health coach) so our work pertained to issues around fitness and resistance to healthy habits. Other female clients have been partners of Nice Guys looking to better understand their men and how to navigate their sensitive nature. So yes, I do work with women and can address most life issues with them.

Do You Work with the LGBTQ Community?

The orientation of one’s sex has no bearing on whether or not I will work with them. I will state that there are life issues members of this community have to deal with that I may or may not be able to directly relate to. And I have personally found that I want mentors and coaches who reflect my life experience and have overcome the challenges which I am facing. So in that respect, I will refer some clients to coaches I know who are active in that community and can address specific issues with sexual orientation that I may not be able to identify with on a personal level. My practice is, however, open to all men and transgender identified individuals.

Do You Do Career Coaching?

When I first started coaching, I said to my wife, “I don’t want to be a career coach, I have had career ADD my whole life”. And then I realized, I have a wide expanse of experience in finding the right job for myself. Thus, I opened the door to career coaching and found this coaching to be some of the most fun in my client base. My first coach was a career coach and it showed me not what job I should have.. but who I am and to find the job that fit me best (coaching!). So yes, I do career coaching. I am not a coach who can show you how to craft your resume or write a cover letter. But in my process we identify who you are, what your core values are and what you value in an organization to work for. From there, the job hunt becomes less of a “hunt” but a selection as my clients end up working for places that match up with who they are and what the organization itself stands for.

Can You Help Me Get a Date?

The short answer is “no’. I don’t believe in creating a pile of pick up artists and giving you cheesy lines to use at the bar. But what I can give you is a way to feel so confident about the value you present to this world that you can approach anyone. There is the old saying that women find confidence sexy… and that is true. But they can also sense an insecure man pretending to be confident. Which, in my experience, is what the pick up game gives you. I wasted a lot of time and money trying to be “a man” when all I really needed was to be myself.

Do You Work with Executives Looking for Work Life Balance?

Yes. This is another area that I love working in. I have worked with some top dogs at BIG firms looking to start breaking away from the career and enjoying life. So yes, I have executive coaching experience as it pertains to you taking back control of your life. It is an honor to help anyone find their voice and become the person that they were meant to be.

Do You Do Recovery Coaching?

I have almost two decades sober and thoroughly enjoy working with those either new or old in recovery. Interestingly I went through a phase where I had a number of clients with multiple years in 12 Step recovery who were struggling with life. Often times, the “old timers” get overlooked as being susceptible to suffering. Most addicts and alcoholics deal with bouts of depression and anxiety. Coaching in this area is special to me as I went through a similar period of my own. Fortunately, I found a way out that works for me and I love sharing the lessons learned with others. For those struggling with addiction I do provide companion services. Connect with me for information on that type of work directly. I am willing to get into the foxhole with anyone that has a desire to change their life.

To sum up the areas I work in:

  • Nice Guys Looking for Nice Guy Recovery
  • IT Business owners looking to improve their life balance
  • Those Asking the Question “What should I do with my life?”
  • Men or Women dealing with Co-dependency Issues
  • Recovery coaching for those new or with time in recovery

Questions have a specific need you need addressed ? Use the form below and let’s connect