At some point we have to accept that you have a choice.

You keep doing the same old shit over and over because on some level, you choose to do so.

I was talking to my own coach about this the other day and it was so obvious that we keep in the some rotational axis in life over and over. Unless this rotation is disrupted sufficiently, you will never get off it. Things will continue in the same spiral.

Certainly reading this blog and listening to inspiring podcasts will give you temporary relief and movement. But it’s never long lasting. Why do you think so many people are always on some sort of new diet or fad? It’s a cycle. And until the situation is not seen as a temporary band aid or fix to just feel better, there is very little hope of success.

The goal is not just to get better, or fix this one situation. It is actually to commit to a change in modality in how you live, breathe and conduct yourself in life. It seems harsh, but a three day workshop has little chance of lasting success unless it is continually supplemented with additional follow up and resources. Mainly accountability. The problem most of us face is that we are so ingrained in our habitual suffering that doing something else feels incredibly counter intuitive and actually more painful then the very thing we are worried about. The solution can at times, appear to be more heartbreaking than the suffering. We are used to the suffering, we are endurance athletes in this way, able to run for years in the same, disheveled, petrified state all the while wondering when we can stop running.

But you do have a choice and it is so obvious that most of us miss it. Stop the race. You can pull over to the side, grab some water and sit down. Exercise choices, find the places where you can leak parts of your inner creativity and beauty back into the dark world you have created. Look for the ways you can express yourself and add some sort of positive impact into the world instead of being an echo of your internal suffering.

As a coach, it’s my job to help you find the spots where you are stuck and free you from those binds. You see, I think you know everything that you need/want to do.. it’s just about navigating past your fears and into the choice.



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